Writing a Will

Everyone should have a will, whether the estate is substantial or consists of a house and a pension. Having a legal will makes the intentions of the decedent clear with respect to distribution of assets and the care of minor or special needs children. A will also names an individual to make sure the intentions stated in the will are carried out. When an individual dies without a will, known as dying intestate, someone must petition the court to be named administrator. If no one steps forward, the state will allocate property according to its own rules.

When a decedent's intentions are not recorded through a legal will, a court-appointed administrator or state official can only guess at those intentions. At Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP our Massachusetts attorneys help people avoid the confusion and conflict that can arise when a family member dies. When helping clients draft wills, we make sure that the document reflects their family and financial goals. To discuss writing a will, contact our Boston law firm.

Having a will protects families, can prevent disputes, and allows for the distribution of wealth as the decedent wished.

Our attorneys draft simple wills and trusts as well as highly complex and substantial legal instruments. When working with a client to write a will, we try to anticipate the unexpected. We make sure that the instrument names guardians for minor children, relieving family members of the need to petition the court for guardianship. We advise on the selection of an executor, whether an individual, an attorney, or a fiduciary agency. We counsel on the organization of assets so that they can be distributed with the smallest possible tax liability to heirs.

A legal will or trust is part of a comprehensive estate plan. It provides for the orderly transfer of wealth to family and loved ones with the least cost and stress. To speak with one of our estate planning lawyers about drafting a will, contact Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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