Fiduciary Relationships with Grantor & Beneficiaries

Creating Personal Relationships with Grantors and Beneficiaries

At Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, we have been providing personal and professional service to grantors and beneficiaries of trusts since 1935. During the course of carrying out their fiduciary duty, our lawyers develop personal relationships with clients. These relationships are usually more personal and private than those that can be established by a bank or corporate trustee.

The use of trust and estate attorneys as trustees represents a long Boston tradition. It continues to this day because grantors and beneficiaries support this level of personal service in matters related to the administration of a trust. To learn more about our relationships with our trust clients, contact our Boston law firm.

Our trustees, whether attorneys or other trust professionals, manage the investments in accordance with the terms of the trust and with the assistance of our registered investment advisor, Eaton Vance Investment Counsel. The custody of assets is in the hands of Charles Schwab, a well-established nation wide financial institution.

We have been helping beneficiaries handle a wide range of problems since 1935. Our fiduciary duty is not limited to financial management.

In addition to undertaking the fiduciary duties of a trustee, our professional trust administrators and attorneys advise and assist beneficiaries in a wide range of matters. We often become involved in beneficiaries' lives to an extent not possible with corporate trustee. Examples of how far our fiduciaries go on behalf of beneficiaries of trusts include:

  • Making payments on behalf of beneficiaries who are unable to manage their finances
  • Helping beneficiaries with substance abuse problems obtain rehab services
  • Making sure that beneficiaries are cared for in accordance with the terms of the trust

Our fiduciaries, whether attorneys or professional trust officers, believe that their fiduciary duty goes beyond providing financial management such as trust accountings of the trust funds. We make sure that all beneficiaries under a trust understand that our lawyers and trust professionals are there to help them in good times and bad.

To learn more about the relationships that our fiduciaries and attorneys develop with beneficiaries, contact us at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP. Learn about the role we can play in carrying out the wishes of a grantor and creator of a trust through attentive and hands-on fiduciary administration.

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