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Many of the young people we defend against criminal charges in juvenile court are the children of long-term clients whom we represent in other matters. Our legal team includes former prosecutors John P. Fulginiti and Martha Carroll Casey, both of whom are experienced in criminal matters in Massachusetts. They use their prosecutorial background to represent children, teens and young adults in proceedings in the Juvenile Court, District Court, and Superior Court. Contact our Boston law firm, Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, to learn how our experienced lawyers can help juveniles charged with criminal offenses.

When families are disrupted by divorce, the children involved often display changes in their behavior. We have helped the children of our domestic relations clients in matters such as:

  • School problems such as expulsions resulting from charges of crime in school
  • Distribution or possession of marijuana
  • Assault and battery
  • Disturbance of the peace
  • Underage drinking and reckless driving
  • Shoplifting
  • Graffiti or vandalism

Defending young people against administrative and criminal charges.

Most matters such as these are handled in juvenile court. However, we represent students in administrative hearings related to suspension or expulsion from school. In either venue, our lawyers are prepared to mount an effective defense against the charges, using their years of experience with similar matters to protect the rights of our young clients. In particular, we strive to keep the cases in juvenile court, where the penalties for conviction focus more on rehabilitation than on punishment.

To speak with an experienced juvenile defense attorney about criminal charges against a young person, contact our Boston law firm, Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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