Conservation of Assets

Protecting Assets for Future Generations

Every person, whatever the size of his or her estate, wants to conserve assets to pass along to heirs. At the Boston law firm of Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, we have been helping individuals do this since 1935. Our lawyers have many years of experience helping clients undertake asset protection while paying strict attention to charitable and family goals. For information about strategies for conserving assets, contact our Boston attorneys.

Helping clients conserve their assets since 1935.

When we undertake estate planning with clients, we work with them to identify all assets. We use expert appraisers to attach a value to each asset, whether it is real property, a stock portfolio, or antiques. In our efforts to help them conserve these assets, we make sure we understand who actually owns the asset and how it is owned. For example, property may be owned by a family trust and a painting owned by an individual. The ownership status of an asset makes a difference in the conservation strategy we recommend.

Some of the asset protection techniques we use to help our clients conserve their assets include:

We select from these and other mechanisms to develop an estate plan for clients that maximizes the amount they can convey to their heirs. In all we do in this area, we make sure that our approach to asset protection helps our clients meet their goals. A strategy that is perfect for one client may be inappropriate for another. By working closely with clients, we determine the best way to conserve their assets for their heirs.

To learn more about asset protection, contact our estate planning lawyers at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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