At the Boston law firm, Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP , our lawyers are recognized for their success with appeals. Our law firm has distinguished itself with its record of accomplishment in the Appeals Court and the Supreme Judicial Court Link to Reported Cases. We accept cases from other firms as well as appealing decisions involving our own clients. To learn more about our appellate work, contact us.

Our attorneys are experienced in all the appeals court processes, including those before the Appeals Court, the Supreme Judicial Court, as well as for single justice appeals.

Attorneys with experience and published cases in the appellate court system.

The single justice process also allows for interlocutory appeals and emergency relief requests. Matters before a trial court may stop pending an interlocutory appeal if it appears that one party’s rights are being limited in some way at the trial level. Such appeals have been helpful in obtaining immediate relief in cases involving significant public policy issues, such as turning aside SLAPP cases against our domestic relations clients suffering from abuse or violence. Injunctive relief actions, like equity actions, seek a remedy other than money damages, and are useful in many civil law situations, including as real estate, business, and domestic relations.

Contact our Boston law firm to discuss taking a case on appeal.

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