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Our lawyers have found during their many years of practice that land use and zoning issues are a principal source of community anger. At Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, we provide clients with advice and representation that allows them to accomplish their property goals while diffusing community hostility toward the projects involved. We work with interested parties to avoid litigation whenever possible, believing that its cost is seldom justified.

Our lawyers have many years of experience helping clients with the often-contentious issues around zoning and land use.

However, because of the sensitivity of many land use issues, avoiding litigation is not always possible. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to handle the most contentious land use and zoning issues, trying to minimize both the financial and emotional consequences of property disputes. To learn more about our background in land use and zoning, contact our Boston law firm.

Our lawyers work with clients on a wide range of land use and zoning matters, including:

  • Working with clients to obtain approval of subdivision development applications or other real estate development plans
  • Appearing before local zoning boards for permit application hearings and for planning permission
  • Helping clients complete and file building permit applications and zoning variance petitions
  • Preparing filings for local conservation commission boards
  • Drafting applications to establish wetlands
  • Resolving boundary disputes
  • Handling adverse possession cases
  • Resolving matters related to water damage from another's property
  • Interrupting adverse uses

Most of our clients in such matters are private property owners who wish to subdivide or who are involved in a boundary dispute. We have represented individuals who hope to develop commercial property in a residential area. In all instances we work with all parties to resolve disputes or move a project forward. To learn more about our history handling land use and zoning matters, contact us at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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