Representation of Executors & Administrators

Providing Support to Executors and Administrators

After a death, the wishes of the decedent expressed in his or her will or trust are carried out by executors, administrators, or personal representatives. Named by the deceased in a will or trust, the executor has the obligation to implement the terms of the will or trust. The duties can involve selling real estate, distributing assets to heirs and beneficiaries, and paying the debts and taxes of the estate.

At Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, our lawyers have many years of experience assisting executors and administrators as they carry out their estate administration duties. Since 1935, our law firm has advised individuals serving in these positions about their responsibilities. Our attorneys help them follow the best practices in estate administration with the goal of preventing unnecessary litigation. To learn more about our services to executors and estate administrators, contact our Boston law firm.

Administering a loved one’s estate can be tricky. Our lawyers provide executors and administrators with advice and representation that can make the process smoother.

We have assisted executors and administrators with matters such as:

  • Probating the will in court
  • Paying estate and income taxes and appearing at state and federal hearings when needed
  • Litigating to resolve disputes between beneficiaries
  • Litigating disputes between beneficiaries and the executor, such as will contests
  • Advising executors and administrators on controversial issues such as selling property or allocating assets
  • Advising executors and administrators on the correct interpretation of the instructions contained in the will
  • Defending administrators and executors against charges of breach of fiduciary duty or petitions for removal of executor because of incapacitation

Administering a loved one’s estate is a serious responsibility. In our experience, people usually try to perform this duty with care and commitment. Our role as estate administration attorneys is to advise and represent them so that they are in a position to do exactly that. To learn more about estate administration and an attorney’s role, contact our Boston law firm.

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