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Challenges to Conservatorship

Conservatorship is often the best way to preserve a degree of independence in the life of an elderly or mentally disabled person. When an individual is unable to make legal and financial decisions but is able to handle his or her physical needs, our attorneys at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, often recommend that concerned family members move for a conservatorship. If the petition is approved by the court, the conservator, frequently a family member, is charged with handling the business and financial affairs of the ward, or the person under conservatorship.

In addition to representing family members seeking a conservatorship for a loved one, our lawyers also act for people contesting the appointment of a conservator. Even though conservatorship allows the ward more personal freedom than a guardianship, it is often resisted by people who believe they are able to cope with their financial and legal affairs. Our lawyers understand the sensitive nature of such conservatorship petitions for both the family and the proposed ward. We work with all involved parties to resolve disputes over conservatorship petitions. To learn more about conservatorship, contact our Boston law firm. We have been helping families deal with problems caused by mental incapacity since 1935.

Attorneys working to help families do the right thing for their loved ones.

A conservatorship may be needed when a loved one appears vulnerable to financial fraud, coercion, manipulation, or unable to keep track of money. Elderly people, especially, can get themselves into serious financial difficulties even when there has been no fraudulent activity against them. A conservatorship can prevent this. Another circumstance where a conservator might be needed involves a temporary medical situation that makes the person unable to handle his or finances for a limited period.

We have handled contentious conservatorship cases requiring litigation, as well as cases where everyone agrees that a conservatorship is the best way to resolve the problem of financial incapacity. In these and in all circumstances, we help the family try to do the right thing for the loved one, remaining aware of the wish of the proposed ward to remain as independent as possible To learn more about conservatorship, contact Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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