Post-Judgment Modifications and Contempts

Post Divorce Modifications and Contempts

At Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, our lawyers are experienced at drafting orders relating to child support, alimony, and visitation that stand the test of time. However, circumstances change in every family, and we cannot predict every alteration in the lives of our clients. Unforeseen and/or changed circumstances after a divorce is final often require post-judgment modifications of the original divorce orders. We represent clients seeking a modification as well as those responding to a modification complaint. We also represent clients who need to file a Contempt Complaint because of another party's failure to abide by a court's prior order, or who need to respond to a Contempt Complaint. To learn how an attorney can help with a post-judgment modification and contempts, contact our Boston law firm.

Our attorneys handle modification of order complaints arising from changed circumstances that affect child support, child custody, alimony, and visitation and also handle contempt complaints affecting these same issues.

Modification complaints typically are concerned with alimony or child support payments. One of the parties either needs more money or desires to pay less. Some of the circumstances that may lead to a complaint for modification of a child support or alimony order include:

  • A new job with a significantly higher or lower salary
  • A layoff or termination of employment
  • Illness
  • Special needs of a child that were not covered by the original orders, such as specialized camp, private school tuition, and college tuition
  • Remarriage or other personal circumstances that affect either the need to receive or the ability to pay support or alimony

In addition to complaints dealing with alimony reduction and support changes, our lawyers handle matters related to visitation and custody. The need for modifications in these areas frequently arise from having one parent move away or becoming unable to abide by the original visitation or custody order or the children's changing needs based on their age. In some cases, one party may have shown that he or she can no longer be a suitable parent in a shared custody arrangement. Both of these situations are difficult, with the court evaluating complaints for modification very carefully. It is important to have an advocate who can articulate your case. When another party fails to abide by a court's prior order, our lawyers are experienced in assessing a client's need to pursue a Contempt Complaint, as well as defending such complaints when the claims are inaccurate or there are appropriate defenses.

Our law firm has been representing individuals and families in domestic relations matters since 1935. Our experienced attorneys have a thorough understanding of the most effective way to present or respond to a complaint for modification of a child custody, support, or visitation order. To learn how we can help with any issue related to changed circumstances after a divorce, contact us.

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